Reach Your Target Market

Communicate the benefits of your company, product or service with the high "Wow" impact of multimedia integrated into user's search results, on topic related websites, on display monitors and more. Your sleek presentations will enable you to reach your target audience and attract more users' to your offerings.

Searchmercials enable you to target your message with surgical precision to include locational, demographic, time of day, language, social and device targeting.

Direct Response

Searchmercials excel at helping you sell your products and services because they combine the best features of search advertising: multimedia, pay-for-performance, keyword targeting and budget control to give you an additional cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

Searchmercials provide companies with first-hand exposure and continuous contact in direct response to user defined or pre-defined inquiries in the market to which your message is directed.

GEO Targeting

Locational Targeting

GEO Targeting Reach the right audience, with geographically targeted Searchmercials

Language Targeting

GEO/Language Targeting

Searchmercials can be broadcasted in any language to a specific Country, State, County, City, Area Code, and/or DMA Zone

T.O.D. Targeting

Time Of Day Targeting

Searchmercials also provide a time of day broadcasting feature for your time sensitive Searchmercial campaigns.

Device Targeting

Device Targeting

Searchmercials also enable device targeting features to facilitate device specific calls for action..