Join the Publisher Network

By joining the WWBN distribution network you will be able to monetize your online space with video products and earn revenues from business, advertisers, agencies and more!

As a Distribution Partner, you can choose one of our state-of-the-art co-branded search engines, XML feed, search boxes, inline ads, contextual ads, roll over pop-up ads, and media (audio & video) banners or we can create your own custom search engine and place it on your website.

Solutions That Expand With Your Business As It Evolves

Our solutions will enable your website visitors to do a search, and preview website offerings with our Searchmercials rich-media search results, producing an interactive and more informative search experience. Enjoy a multitude of broadcast products to showcase media content on your website customized with your brand, look and feel.

Engage Users Everywhere

Engage and captivate your audience by integrating WWBN Products into your website and watch your site soar!

Companies are always looking to engage and captivate audiences on their website, applications and devices. is certainly the ideal place to achieve this. With Searchmercials you can promote your business with the power of multimedia integrated into an interactive marketing campaign. Enhance your interaction with users across all devices.

WWBN provides companies with first-hand exposure and continuous contact in direct response to users' inquiries in the market to which your message is directed.

Users are eagerly searching the Internet for the most pertinent information and latest developments.  Your message will come across as needed, without distractions by intruding unrelated advertisements, giving your company a more prestigious status and a stronger, more persuasive marketing edge.

Increase your revenues today by giving your site visitors the choice of viewing text or videos as search results without the costs and challenges of building and maintaining your own commercial search broadcast capability. Place your own Co-Branded PPC Search Broadcast System, XML feeds, or run our sponsored inline listings and other rich media video search products and searchmercial products on your Web properties and we will create new, reliable income streams for you.

1. Offer cutting-edge video broadcast search service on your website

2. No cap on commission earned

3. Quick and easy set up

4. Choice of several display interfaces

5. Click-through traffic on Searchmercials is six times higher than those of text ads

6. View stats on recent searches, popular searches and search categories

7. View detailed reporting on your referral and commissions with our state-of-the- art Account Management System